This interactive tool is to assist you understand:

  • If your specific dataset can be hosted and used on our nationally-funded eResearch computational infrastructure within the requirements of your ethics approval and institutional policies
  • The legislative landscape in Australia with respect to human-derived data
  • Specific legislation within different Australian jurisdictions, including legislation that can affect whether data can be moved cross-border to other jurisdictions for storage and use
  • Circumstances when sharing of human-derived data for research purposes is permitted, and when it is not
  • Your responsibilities as a data custodian in ensuring your data is secure
  • How others are using our resources

It will guide through a series of up to eight* questions.

  • At each step we will direct you to authoritative policy/information documents for reference.
  • At the end of the questionnaire you can choose to enter your email address and we will contact you to discuss your data storage and use requirements, our set-up, software and security features.
* – Including: What do you want to do with the data? Who owns the data? Is the data directly derived from humans? If so, what is the identifiability status of individuals within the dataset? Was informed consent obtained from the individuals, so the data can be used for secondary and/or research purposes? Do you want to share the data with people outside of your research project? Where are your collaborators located that you wish to share the data with?
DISCLAIMER: This tool and the information provided herein is provided solely as information for Australian researchers, relating to a number of aspects that impact on the use of research data derived from humans. The information given does not constitute legal advice.
PRIVACY STATEMENT: At the end of the questionnaire you can choose to provide your email address should you wish to be contacted by us for further information. Under these circumstances, your email address and your responses to the questions in this tool will be collected by the project team which includes staff at each of our locations (Intersect, VicNode, eRSA, QCIF). The information you provide will be used by the team to gain a better understanding of your data types and use requirements prior to us contacting you to discuss further. The information will be only be used by appropriate staff for the purpose for which it was collected, and will be protected against unauthorised access and use. Your information may be shared with other staff working at Intersect, VicNode, eRSA and QCIF. Intersect, VicNode, eRSA and QCIF are committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with applicable privacy laws  [including the Privacy  Act 1998 (Cth) (“the Act”) and relevant state legislation], and are governed by the Privacy policy issued by each organisation or their respective legal parent organisation.