Data stored on can only be used within the constraints specified by the custodian of each data collection. For example some data may be freely obtainable, whereas other data may only be accessible to specific collaborators who have completed an appropriate application procedure (e.g. a human research ethics application).

Case studies describing how researchers are using are here.

Some examples of the broad types of data already being stored on, example software packages we provide to manage the data, and examples of various computers and software packages that have been used by the data custodians and their collaborators to analyse the data are as follows (click on image to enlarge):


The current data listings are here. Either contact each Data Custodian or contact us should you wish to explore obtaining access to any of the datasets.

Pilot Safe Haven Environment

In order for to begin to develop a system which allows a data custodian to provide a collaborator with controlled-access data for analysis in a secure analysis environment, whilst retaining full control of that data, project team members at VicNode Monash have developed a pilot Safe Haven Environment that is underpinned by the Nectar research cloud.

Safe Haven Environments generally have controls and processes such as:

• a high level of assurance of (i) identification and (ii) authentication
• restrictions on transferring data by physical means
• restrictions on transferring data over the network
• provision of a software toolkit and resources to allow analysis of data
• a curated process by which extraction of files from the haven is only possible via approval
• a logging system which allows all actions of users to be reviewed
• external auditing of the Safe Haven

Based on requirements received from the target user group, a Microsoft Operating System is required for the Safe Haven. As such, appropriate software licensing is required, and currently the pilot Safe Haven is deployed at VicNode Monash, which is possible through the use of a Monash University institutional Microsoft license.

We are exploring rolling this out to other nodes of

Further documentation is available on request.